What is “Offsite Airport Parking”?

“Offsite Airport Parking” facilities are independent businesses providing airport parking for value and service conscious travelers. Anza Parking offers a parking facility that is less than 10 minutes from lot to terminal. You will be driven in comfortable shuttles and if you are carrying lots of luggage or are accompanied by small children, our service includes helping with your luggage and shuttling you from your car door directly to your airline terminal.

Where is Anza Parking located?

We are located at 615 Airport Blvd, Burlingame – just 3 miles south of the San Francisco International Airport on the Eastside of 101 directly across from the Hilton Hotel. Anza Parking provides direct access from Hwy 101. Click for Directions

When should I arrive at the Anza Parking location?

Allow 20 minutes before you want to be at your terminal. During peak travel periods including holidays and school vacation weeks it’s best to leave a little more time.

Where will the shuttle pick me up once I enter Anza Parking?

Whether you Valet Park (at no additional charge) or Self Park (you park your car, lock it and take your keys with you) you will always be picked up and dropped off at your car. There will never be any walking or carrying of your bags. We are here to make your trip comfortable and hassle free.

What do I do when I return from my trip?

You will receive detailed airport pick-up instructions from your shuttle driver upon entering the shuttle. Your driver will hand you a location card when you board the bus that will tell you the stall you have parked your vehicle in and where the shuttle will pick you up on your return. This card will also provide you with the Airport White Courtesy telephone number that connects you directly to our dispatcher.

Upon getting your baggage, use the Airport White Courtesy telephone to call Anza Parking or simply go to the shuttle pick up location and our continuous shuttles will be along shortly to take you back to Anza Parking to pick up your car.

What are your hours of operation?

Anza Parking is open 24/7 so, even if your flight is late, we’ll be waiting for you.

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